Skill Development Clinics

Skill development is essential to improve at the game of basketball. Skills are acquired through intentional focus and repetition. These sessions get players out of their comfort zone through advanced moves and concepts. At R.I.S.E. Sports Academy, we focus on both the basketball side and athletic side. In our clinics, we offer in-depth training that includes advance basketball skill work, explosive training, and SAQ (Speed, Agility, Quickness).

Basketball Mini Camp
The highly anticipated basketball mini-camp is back in time for basketball season. This one-day camp focuses on developing fundamental skills such as shooting, ball handling, defense, game strategy, and much more.
Special guest speakers include college and professional players. All ages & skills welcome.
Private Basketball Training

Take your game to the next level with elite private training. Build on the fundamentals of basketball while incorporating advanced techniques & moves for you to improve and grow as a player.

Personal Fitness

Achieve maximum results with a customized fitness plan.
I’m here to guide you through all the workout and nutrition information so you can reach your fitness goals. But no matter what your goals are, my key intent is for you to be healthy and feel good! If you’re interested in private training, shoot me a message.

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