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R.I.S.E Los Angeles is one of Southern California’s elite basketball clubs providing hands-on training in a challenging and fun environment. Our club provides a unique experience for players utilizing the newest equipment. Each team consists of eight players to ensure ample playing time and a chance to work on recently developed skills. We focus on individual development, strength and conditioning, and the fundamentals necessary to play at the next level.


The R.I.S.E. program is led by former D-1 and professional basketball player Chris Rodgers. His passion for the sport is reflected through his coaching style and enthusiasm to educate youth. With 10+ years coaching and 20+ years playing experience, along with one national German championship coaching, Coach Chris has put together a program and staff that provides personal instruction, guidance, and vast development for each player. Join now!


Chris Rodgers

Director of Basketball

I always believe the harder you work, the stronger you become. Growing up in Philadelphia, PA, I always enjoyed being active by running track and cross country, playing baseball, football, and basketball. After earning a college basketball scholarship, I continued to play professionally overseas. Through my experience as a Division 1 player along with training as an elite athlete at the professional level, I discovered my true passion for basketball and physical fitness.


When my journey as a professional basketball player ended in 2011, I began focusing on my love for helping others realize their true potential in order to achieve success. My vast experience working with professional athletes, celebrities, youth and working adults provided me with extensive knowledge to custom-tailor a fitness program for each client. I enjoy going through the process with everyone and am ecstatic when they achieve success in all aspects of their life! Whether you have sport-specific or personal fitness goals, I welcome you to join the neighborhood.


Contact US  |  Tel: 213-267-1543

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